We work with a handpicked selection of high-potential early-stage companies introduced to us by our strategic partners.
They are looking to develop rapidly in terms of product & team, are often seeking investment in their drive to transform their industry.
We provide the insight, energy & connections to inject the necessary focus & momentum to help them achieve their objectives.


The strategy that provided initial success is not the same as the strategy that will enable exponential growth.
We rip companies out of their comfort zone.
Acting as programme managers, we provide the necessary challenge, strategic repositioning & agitation to win in existing & new markets, and spike the rate of growth.


Scale can cause loss of perspective: the drive behind original ambition and vision can become muted by premature complacency. Layers of process & people can cause loss of ability to adapt & innovate.
We provide the challenge to cut through the noise.
External change and growth starts with the internal workings of a business so we drive that shift.

“Cruxy brings a unique blend of knowledge, passion, irreverence for the norm, courage & understanding of what it actually means to create a positioning - “why” & a culture around that “why” - how to set yourselves apart from the rest without isolating yourself from reality.”

Steve Peskin
CEO & Founder, Virtual Clarity




Risk management solution for buy-side & sell-side firms.


The client believed they had just the system the market needed with high quality technology & a highly experienced team. Despite this, they were unable to sell the solution or gain sufficient traction in both buy & sell sides.


Focus: We identified that the articulation of the product did not reflect market requirements or differentiate the product from competition. They were also positioning the business towards the wrong people within prospective client companies. Our industry insight & analysis has led the client to create a solution more relevant to immediate industry needs.

Market engagement: We re-calibrated & differentiated their marketing strategy to engage with the right stakeholders on both buy & sell sides.

Traction: The business is now signing a major client which will act as a reference site for further adoption. They say this is directly tied to how they started & managed the conversation.


Virtual reality applied to engineering.


Lack of focus, business model clarity & structure meant that they were failing to gain the traction they deserved. This was manifested through difficulty in attracting & retaining talent & leaving them undifferentiated in the market. From a growth point of view they were jumping to different new solutions & unable to establish streams of recurring revenue.


Focus: Having reviewed their 4 areas of activity we determined the one in which they would succeed most rapidly in terms of partnership, investment & resource-efficient revenue.

Business model: Our insight & analysis moved them from an agency service & consulting model to a single solution that could be gently flexed per client.

Clarity of proposition:  We articulated their proposition to reflect this positioning. This facilitated attraction & retention of talent in a highly competitive sector & enabled them to conclude blue chip partnership & investment.


Cloud infrastructure implementation for some of the largest banks globally.


Rapidity of scaling meant the company was losing site of the culture & ethos that originally drew clients to choose it.


Focus: In depth interrogation & analysis of the team & key stakeholders proved that the business had become detached from the vision & ethos epitomised by the founder. We created an ethos, “why” & vision for the firm. This bound the team together, redefining who they were & what they stood for in the market.

Change: We actioned a shift in the business ethos through a change plan. We were the driving force, advising & ensuring that the vision was coherent & existed from most granular everyday internal activities to larger scale client-facing actions.

Growth: The firm has more than doubled in size & the founder speaks about their culture as a distinctive edge for them as they win clients. They have since signed a partnership worth $10m & the partner cited their culture in wanting to work with them.

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