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I have always been something of a ‘renegade’ Chartered Accountant and have never conformed to the traditionally accepted image. After having worked as a manager at Arthur Andersen in London, I pursued a career in business. I subsequently developed a career in international business management and marketing in manufacturing, shipping, hotel, publishing, FMCG, retail and creative industries. My excellent professional training has always given me an advantage as a business leader, enabling me to appreciate immediately and automatically the P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow implications of all decisions I was required to make or influence.


Human beings are capable of remarkable things. I had a basic and reasonably humble upbringing but my parents gave me both a good education and the confidence to believe in myself.  It gave me a drive to achieve beyond the norm, as well as insatiable entrepreneurial curiosity.


I am a complete sports ‘freak’ – I play golf whenever I can and have season tickets at both Arsenal FC and Saracens RFC.


AI and DLT. Both considered #buzzwords to many.

In #RegTech, #AI is the underlying tech for 3x as many solutions than DLT.

Is it not time finally that DLT cut through the hype? It is way behind other supposed buzzwords.

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The status quo of #consultancy is dead.

We do things differently at Cruxy. We deliver results, not a 70 page deck.

#Tech #Strategy

The Google-Facebook duopoly holds 58% of the market.

2019 will be the year that we finally see this decline. Disruption is around the corner.



Median seed funding round sizes have almost trebled since 2014.

Deal volumes have fallen by 59% from Q4 17 to Q4 18.

Are investors prioritising quality over quantity?

via @InnFin 2018 FinTech VC Investment Landscape -

98% of China's internet users are mobile.

We think we are in an era of digitisation in Europe.

The truth is, we are no where near. Asia is light years ahead.


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