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I have always been something of a ‘renegade’ Chartered Accountant and have never conformed to the traditionally accepted image. After having worked as a manager at Arthur Andersen in London, I pursued a career in business. I subsequently developed a career in international business management and marketing in manufacturing, shipping, hotel, publishing, FMCG, retail and creative industries. My excellent professional training has always given me an advantage as a business leader, enabling me to appreciate immediately and automatically the P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow implications of all decisions I was required to make or influence.


Human beings are capable of remarkable things. I had a basic and reasonably humble upbringing but my parents gave me both a good education and the confidence to believe in myself.  It gave me a drive to achieve beyond the norm, as well as insatiable entrepreneurial curiosity.


I am a complete sports ‘freak’ – I play golf whenever I can and have season tickets at both Arsenal FC and Saracens RFC.


When you believe you've dug enough, dig some more.

Ensure you put depth of knowledge behind new market expansion.


We asked a group of CEOs if just 80% of their execution was in line with their focus as a firm. No one raised their hand.

The place you want to be in 3 years’ time should dictate everything you do from emails, meetings to hiring.

"Despite businesses increasing spending on cybersecurity, breaches continue to hit the headlines"

Zero-trust solutions being deployed restrict agility & collaboration.

Enterprise blockchain seeks to be the preventative solution rather than reactive.

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More money in start ups than ever before.

More unicorns staying private for longer.

Delaying investor returns, which means more competition in VC.

Even bigger push on Founders needing to stay one step ahead.

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40% of CEOs claim their strategy has failed due to a breakdown in execution

2 usual suspects:
- Lack of reflection time on 3yr target
- Fascination in exponential growth route. Compromising the basics, eroding your bottom line


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