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I have always been something of a ‘renegade’ Chartered Accountant and have never conformed to the traditionally accepted image. After having worked as a manager at Arthur Andersen in London, I pursued a career in business. I subsequently developed a career in international business management and marketing in manufacturing, shipping, hotel, publishing, FMCG, retail and creative industries. My excellent professional training has always given me an advantage as a business leader, enabling me to appreciate immediately and automatically the P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow implications of all decisions I was required to make or influence.


Human beings are capable of remarkable things. I had a basic and reasonably humble upbringing but my parents gave me both a good education and the confidence to believe in myself.  It gave me a drive to achieve beyond the norm, as well as insatiable entrepreneurial curiosity.


I am a complete sports ‘freak’ – I play golf whenever I can and have season tickets at both Arsenal FC and Saracens RFC.


Decks, on their own, cannot drive action. An understanding of human nuances is required for sustainable improvement.

#regtech is on the rise. Every geography is projecting to increase their compliance budget - with the UK at 65%, Asia at 66% and USA at 47%, and much of this coming from increases in RegTech spending.

Are you aware of the direction the market is going in?

Health Secretary Matt Hancock thinks #AI has ‘enormous power’ to improve care. Find out more about the latest pledged to spend £250m on the NHS Health Secretary

Your mediocre due diligence process will stagnate your portfolio.

At Cruxy, we take a layered approach:

UK companies fall behind US in #cybersecurity spending as a proportion of GDP. US spending totals 0.3%, while the UK spends only 0.1%.

Have you factored this into your pricing as you look to expand into the US?

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