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I have always been something of a ‘renegade’ Chartered Accountant and have never conformed to the traditionally accepted image. After having worked as a manager at Arthur Andersen in London, I pursued a career in business. I subsequently developed a career in international business management and marketing in manufacturing, shipping, hotel, publishing, FMCG, retail and creative industries. My excellent professional training has always given me an advantage as a business leader, enabling me to appreciate immediately and automatically the P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow implications of all decisions I was required to make or influence.


Human beings are capable of remarkable things. I had a basic and reasonably humble upbringing but my parents gave me both a good education and the confidence to believe in myself.  It gave me a drive to achieve beyond the norm, as well as insatiable entrepreneurial curiosity.


I am a complete sports ‘freak’ – I play golf whenever I can and have season tickets at both Arsenal FC and Saracens RFC.


Are you executing without strategy? Are they completely disconnected?

If you disseminate your strategy through e-mails, town halls & management meetings - the execution plan must've the same rigour.

Strategy is not the silver-bullet to growth.

“What’s the benefit of the issuer & investor? Does it actually drive out cost? Many company’s are still building technology & not focusing on the problem they’re solving” @sytaylor @11fs #synchronize2019 @digitalassetcom

We encourage our clients to think beyond headline findings to drive action.

Results we have driven:

Pricing: 50% increase in annual licence fee

Sales diagnostic: increase in average licence sale size by 45% with conversion rate increasing to 85%

"The opposite of goodness is numbness" @Elif_Safak calls for "pessimism of the intellect and optimism of the heart" as she looks to the future of technology and society #CogX19 #LTW #AI

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