We are a team of provocateurs, instigators & agitators that challenges businesses & confronts questions pivotal to growth & scale.


We work with game-changes from across industries and specialisms to ensure that everything we do is robust and well executed. Our Associate Partners help us raise the bar.


We believe that inspiration comes in many forms, and it is important for us to continue being driven by new ideas and creative thinking. These are few links to websites, individuals, articles and videos that inspire us. We think they will inspire you too.

"The biggest help from Cruxy was forcing us to make a decision on the business direction. It's a tough choice for creatives because we want to do everything, but we also don't have the resources of Google! Cruxy helped us realise the most valuable assets / IP we had in the company and to build on that."

Matt Ratcliffe
COO, Masters of Pie

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