Director, Digital Strategy Associates


About Thomas
Thomas is a strategic, multidisciplinary technologist and management consultant with an eye for business model innovation and leading edge technologies.
With over twenty years of experience in financial services, which spans senior roles  in consulting firms Booz & Co and PwC, a venture backed FinTech start-up in Silicon  Valley and a number of leading banks, which includes JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and Citi. Which has allowed him to develop a unique set of insights and deep knowledge that distinguishes him from others in his field of expertise.
The Community
Thomas is active member of the FinTech community which including being a founder member and mentors at Level39, as well as participating in other  incubation and innovation programmes – including being a founder of the Citi Bank  upStart initiative.
What He’s doing now
Most recently Thomas founded Digital Strategy Associates, where he and the team  have been working with a number of clients, who have included FinTech start-ups,  investment banks, Fortune 500s, challenger banks and leading venture firms to  develop actionable digital strategy, drive innovation and enable top line growth.

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