Our top 5 provocative insights from London Tech Week

Who are you blaming? 
23% of business that fail, blame the team, & those are only the ones who admit it. 80% ownership & 20% relentlessness are the key components of a powerful, driven & strategically aligned business.

Is the UK void of focus & pace? 
Israeli & US firms are laughing about the lack of pace & direction they see in UK Tech. Too scared to put all our eggs in one basket & our aversion to brutal honesty is slowing us down.

Cheaper, faster, better…weaker
Features & benefits are no longer enough to help you gain investment. Patented, differentiated tech &, most importantly, people who are able to build strong relationships & have high AQ are the new winners.

Cold-hearted investment is rife but not rewarding
VCs’ reputation of not caring about the firms in which they invest is further founded as they have started exploring use of AI & other technology as a first layer to filter investments.  Dov Moran, inventor of USB & founder of Israel-based Grove ventures, by contrast, insists on meeting 800 companies to invest in 4.

Innovation & adoption without cultural adaptation is impossible
There were endless discussions on the blockers to change in large corporations – from board members only caring about their money & not innovation, to difficulty in drilling change from the top down. Only one talk hit the nail on the head: innovation necessitates cultural openness to change, consistently throughout the organisation.

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