Frustrated by mediocrity, Carrie Osman founded Cruxy & Company in 2013 with a vision to inject a bias to action into strategic consultancy

Carrie Osman


“They say you can’t argue with results, but what kind of defeatist attitude is that? If you stick with it, you can argue with ANYTHING”

My career began when I was amongst the 12 recruited to the Fast Track Management Programme for Mars UK. Eight years in, I was running a £300 million portfolio of 12 brands, focusing on their P&Ls and creating growth. Harnessing this strategic insight & commercial knowledge, I was driven to strike out on my own.

I founded Cruxy & Company in 2013, frustrated by mediocrity and with a vision to inject a bias to action into strategic consultancy. Since then, Cruxy has been chosen by over 60 B2B technology firms, and by some of the most notable investors in technology.

Known in FinTech for my relentless attitude, I focus on being part of the rising game-changing ecosystem. I actively contribute my thoughts, from BBC Business to the Investment Association, this has led me to be included on the Innovate Finance’s Women in Finance Power List 2018 & Women of the Future Awards 2017. I am a mentor at Bathtub to Boardroom, on the board of a silicon valley-based AI platform and judge FinTech circle.

Mediocrity is the biggest business challenge of our era, and bringing my infectious energy, insatiable drive & fresh perspective to clients to help them face this challenge makes me feel alive.

I approach life with a love of extravagance, obsession with being different and a hearty wedge of wit.


"The biggest help from Cruxy was forcing us to make a decision on the business direction. It's a tough choice for creatives because we want to do everything, but we also don't have the resources of Google! Cruxy helped us realise the most valuable assets / IP we had in the company and to build on that."

Matt Ratcliffe
COO, Masters of Pie

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