Reducing opportunity cost should be your number one priority for growth

The equity of time, energy and focus should be spent on the opportunity which will deliver a return.

You are hungry, ambitious and the opportunities are endless.

But why would you spend 20% of your time across five initiatives, when you could spend 100% of it on that 10x opportunity?

Splintered focus leads to broken execution. As you scale, the cracks begin to show. Strategy is nothing without execution, and it becomes ever-complex to act on disparate opportunities.

From the lure of a new product and use-case, to spinning out a new revenue stream – what is going to be the thing you spend your time, effort and money on to generate a return?

How we re-think growth

What has got you here that can help to get you there? What can we leverage to propel us into new growth?

Break down the size of opportunities and weigh up commercial viability of winning

Find out what it takes to win, and the necessary steps to make it happen

Make your choice: define the timescales (short, mid or long-term) or types of opportunities (low-hanging land grabs vs. your play-to-win opportunity)

Create accountability, clarity and focus to maximize return on investment and energy, and decrease time it takes to win

Use The Cockpit to identify and prioritize opportunities ongoing, and measure success and business impact

"Cruxy was key in enabling us to focus as a firm. Without that focus, we wouldn’t be where we are today - it created an inflexion point of growth for us. That focus meant we were able to deploy capital in a succinct manner and meant our investors were even more confident in our ability to execute as a team."

– Jay Likhoded, CEO at ClauseMatch

Case study

~£35m turnover front office trading technology firm

The challenge:

  • Belief that market headroom had been reached with current customer segment
  • Appeared to be adjacent untapped opportunities
  • Did not have clarity on how to prioritise these opportunities, and the execution plan to win

The approach:

  • Identified the recipe to win and replicate elsewhere – from technology appetite to pricing sensitivity
  • Weighed up 13 sub-segments based on TAM, appetite for this technology, revenue opportunity for the client and potential to win
  • Identified the play to win vs play to participate opportunities

The deliverables:

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    Prioritised and timed break-down of all market opportunities – play to win, play to participate and do not enter based on revenue opportunity for our client
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    Action plan to enter – including price, product, sales approach and proposition

The results:

  • 1775% ROI within 3 months of project
  • £3m revenues in segment within 3 months, despite £0 prior to the project

What we have to say