Rigour and speed are not mutually exclusive

Taking a step back to ask the tough questions, define the right approach and build the winning plan takes longer at first. You are hungry, ambitious and ready to go.

But taking that step back is the difference between experimenting in a new market for two years, waiting for the product market fit to happen, or piercing into the market at 100mph.

What worked before won’t necessarily get you there, and a greater market size does not give you a greater chance of capturing it.

When entering a new geography, vertical or segment of the market, rigour behind the why, the where and the how will enable you to hit the ground running and increase revenue at a rapid pace.

How we propel growth opportunities

Find your recipe to win – from socio-economic drivers, to the market structure

Prevent time and energy exploring the wrong options

Weigh up all possibilities – from competitive intensity to regulatory hurdles

Play to win, play to participate, and do not enter

Create accountability, clarity and focus to maximise return on energy, and time to revenue

Use The Cockpit to identify and prioritize opportunities ongoing, and measure success and business impact

"We chose Cruxy & Company because they are fresh, dynamic and commercial. They operated as true partners to gather genuine market insight which not only helped our portfolio company identify the most appropriate path to enter, but also made the first step tangible & easy to execute."

– Guy Gillon, Managing Partner at Tenzing Private Equity

Case study

PE-Backed Travel Payments Tech Firm

The challenge:

  • Firm had reached 50% market share in the U.K. despite declining U.K. market overall, and knew expansion was vital to sustain growth
  • There were a multitude of options within Europe, but distilling these at pace was the challenge 

The approach:

  • Quick-fire reduction of 12 markets to 3 based on socio-economic and adoption drivers, such as appetite, regulation, ease of entry, competitive advantage and revenue potential
  • Build a prioritised recommendation on the 3 markets based on speed-to-revenue, longevity of opportunity, size of prize and specific regions to focus on
  • 100 day plan tangible to execute on, including current accounts to expand with, new partners to drive forward, upcoming tenders to pitch for and prospects to target

The deliverables:

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    100 day plan to make this happen, with accountability, timelines and specific actions
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    Map of long-list of markets, with a ‘red, amber, green’ assessment on all relevant criteria
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    In-depth break-down of drivers of success, risks and blockers in top-3 markets

The results:


2x acquisitions made to drive international expansion in new markets

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